Letter to the House Education Committee

Dear Representative,

This Tuesday, April 18, 2017, the House Education Committee will be voting on House Bill 97, which contains reform to the Charter School Law. The Public Cyber Charter School Association (PCCSA) respectfully requests that you oppose this bill at this time, as it contains cuts that have yet to be studied and substantiated. PCCSA represents eight of the fourteen cyber charter schools in the state, and works collectively as a group to inform policy and optimize the online learning environment for students.



Reese – 530 Discriminates Against Cyber Schools

Dear Legislators,

Governor Wolf in his budget proposal stated:

“Reimbursement based on audited costs. By the end of the 2013-14 school year, charter and cyber charter schools had amassed undesignated, unreserved fund balances of more than $156 million because they collected more in tuition revenue than they actually spent on students. The budget includes a requirement for an annual reconciliation whereby charter and cyber charter schools will refund money to their sending school districts if the charter school’s audited expenditures are less than its tuition revenue.”


Reserve Funds- Charters vs. School Districts 

Dear Senator,

By now you probably know that there is a strong effort being waged to “reform” Pennsylvania’s Cyber Charter Schools.  The “reform” is coming in the form of funding cuts.  It is particularly troubling to me that these reform cuts are coming at the same time that the Cyber Charter Schools are excelling with last month’s SAT scores.  Out of 189 PA Charter Schools, three of the top six were Cyber Charter Schools, and the very top school by a wide margin was 21st Cyber Charter School!  Cybers made these gains despite the fact that out of the 189 PA Charter Schools there are only 14 Cyber Charter Schools.

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Reese – 530 Discriminates Against Cyber Schools

State Representative Mike Reese, on the official government website, PA House of Representatives, House Co-Sponsorship Memoranda, wrote of his legislation that would cut funding for Cyber Charter Schools:

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Letter on 530 Sent to Newspapers

For years, Pennsylvania’s Cyber Charter Schools have been roundly criticized for underperforming on the state’s standardized tests (PSSA’s).  This is in part because Cyber Charter Schools attract many students from struggling school districts that have failed to give these students a proper education.


SAT Scores for Top 8 Charter Schools

Dear PA House Representative,

I am sending you a link, to a list of the recently posted SAT scores for all high schools in Pennsylvania, a cost analysis and a study comparing schools.  I would like to bring to your attention two items.


SAT Results to House Representative’s

Dear PA House Representative:

I am sending you the SAT results that were recently posted on the PA Department of Education website.


Cyber School Student Named to National Youth Orchestra

Dear PA State Legislator,

I am sending you a link to a wonderful story about one of our students, Sein An who this past Sunday was asked to be a featured soloist with the Bryn Athyn Orchestra for its performance of Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 3. 


Letter to Senator Jake Corman

Dear Senator Corman:

On behalf of the PA Cyber Charter Schools that currently make up the Association, we would like you to know:

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